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Sweeten Your Day with These Midtown Ala Moana Spots - Midtown Ala Moana

Sweeten Your Day with These Midtown Ala Moana Spots

April 3rd, 2019

With so many places to dine, the icing on the cake is the number of sweet spots to visit around Midtown Ala Moana. Tickle your sweet tooth with any one of the many treats found ONLY in Midtown Ala Moana. Here are some of our favorites:


Charmy Hawaii

As if ice cream itself isn’t convincing enough, Charmy Hawaii will swirly catch your eye–and taste buds. Tucked away in Shirokiya Japan Village at Ala Moana Center, this Japanese inspired soft-serve spot will charm you with its fruity ice cream swirled in a waffle cone and topped with kawaii cookies. From look-alike Hello Kitty cutouts to adorable sayings, Charmy Hawaii has everything you need to top-off your sugar high.


Gimme Chills

Stop by Gimme Chills and freeze your cravings with fresh, made-to-order Korean-inspired desserts. Chilling in the center of Midtown Ala Moana at Samsung Plaza, Gimme Chills is filling the neighborhood with traditional taiyaki, fruit bingsu, and ricecake sticks. Stuff your taiyaki with homemade soft-serve ice cream or order a strawberry cheesecake bingsu for the coolest snack in town.


JJ2 Bakery

Inspired by delicious Taiwanese pastries and desserts, JJ2 Bakery is baking up dozens of popular Asian breads, cookies, and sweet cakes right in Midtown Ala Moana. Baked fresh and open daily, any occasion is the perfect opportunity to enjoy JJ2 Bakery’s fresh Hokkaido breads, pineapple buns, or their must-try mango mousse cake.


Purve Hawaii

You donut know what you’re missing until you’ve started your day at Purve Hawaii! Specializing in wacky favors and names–like the Unicorn Butt Sneeze and Hulk Smash–Purve Hawaii is frying up homemade donuts everyday in Midtown Ala Moana. Open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, stop by the neighborhood donut shop any day of the week to see what colorful, not-so-classic pastries are on the menu.



There’s so much to say and love about SomiSomi in Ala Moana Center. Specializing in traditional taiyaki desserts and “ah-boong” treats, SomiSomi is baking up taiyaki cakes–right before your eyes–and filling them with your choice of soft-serve ice cream or custard. SomiSomi is open daily, making it the perfect treat to enjoy while hanging around Midtown Ala Moana or during a day of shopping.


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